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Office VPN

After nearly a week of trial and error, I finally have a working VPN up and running from my new office. I can get in, access other computers, do my thing, and everything else I need to do using just the Windows VPN client.

It doesn't sound nearly as impressive now that it's over. But the root of it all is that I no longer have to Remote Desktop into a machine behind my firewall to gain access to my internal network. Being able to use all of the software on my new laptop instead of whatever I had loaded on the lone computer I was remoted (is remoted a word?) into will be a huge productivity gain for me.

It means that the next time I accidentally leave data on my NAS server, I don't need to zip up a bunch of files, copy them to an accessible URL, download them, and delete them. Now I can just log in, copy them directly to my hard drive, and voila. Instant productivity gains.


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